About Us

Yabele is among the Tigray Diaspora media establishments and aims to cover issues related to Tigray society both in Tigray-Ethiopia and beyond. It provides news, interviews, entertainment, analysis and produces agenda setting contents.

Since 2021

We’ve in the media industry since the early months of 2021

10 Experts

We’re super proud of our diverse and talented team.

Global Coverage

We work with hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Our team is driven by the public demand. Every single day, we’ run to fill the knowledge and awareness gap among the society.

Our History

In the early months of 2021, four young visionaries over a coffee and friendly discussion. After covering a wide range of issues starting from personal life to global political situations, the four of them accidentally came into initiating what is today a big media company, Axumite Media. After taking respective responsibilities and promises, the company came into a really fast being. The initial vision shared still persists and is driving the business. Now, again, the company has rebranded itself and became Yabele Media.

Our Promise

We will reach into your mind. We will bring your consciousness to life. We will share you what’s happening round the world, analyze trending stories and reclaim what seems paradox to the commons. Share your story with us and with the audience.