What do “Concurrently”, “Will”, “from the region”, and ” Withdrawal” mean in the agreement?

What does “concurrently” mean within the context of sub-article 2.1 (d) of article 2 of the Agreement that was signed today?

Literally speaking, it means simultaneously. But what does it simultaneously mean when it comes to enforcement in practice? The practical effects of the term ”concurrently” should be underlined.

Why the word “will” is used under sub-article 2.1(d) of article 2, while the word ”shall” is used in other provisions of the Agreement? What does it imply?

In a binding form, any agreement should not be drafted in the future tense but in the present tense.

When it says “from the Region”, does it mean from Tigray regional State pre-war constitutionally demarcated and delimited territories in all corners? Can Foreign armed forces be redeployed within Ethiopian territories but out of Tigray state territories?

Is the agreement’s word ” withdrawal ” only refer to voluntary withdrawal? Or it also refers to the coercive withdrawal of ”foreign” armed forces and ”non-ENDF” forces?

Who will use a coercive measure if they don’t withdraw voluntarily and when?

What if they re-entered the regional State territories after voluntary withdrawal? What’s the guarantee?

Finally, in the absence of parliamentary invitation by the FDRE Constitution and other applicable domestic and International laws, no foreign armed forces could be invited to enter into Ethiopian soil to fight along with the Ethiopian federal government defence forces against any domestic armed fighting forces. The premier does not have any power to invite any foreign defence forces. If he did so, it would be against the Constitution and the constitutional order.

Author: Unnamed contributor.

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