Solidarity of Tigrayans Opposes Forcible Incorporation of Tigray Territories into Amhara

Solidarity of Tigrayans for Independence and Liberty (STIL), one of the Tigrayan civil society organizations, vehemently opposes the Ethiopian government’s move to forcibly incorporate Tigrayan lands into the Amhara region. The move, executed within the educational sector of Ethiopia by the Amhara Regional Administration, has prompted concerns over ethnic tensions and the safety of the Tigrayan people. STIL cites violations of the Pretoria Agreement and jeopardizes the fragile peace process.

In a press release addressed to the Federal Government of Ethiopia, the African Union (AU), and the international community, STIL called for the government to adhere to the Pretoria Agreement and urged genuine dialogue with Tigrayan leaders. STIL emphasized the importance of upholding constitutional regional boundaries, respecting the rule of law, and prioritizing peaceful solutions to avoid further escalation of conflict.

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