Mass Arrest of Tigrayans In Ethiopia, List of arrested

Mass arrest of Tigrayans continues all over the nation with higher intensity. Most Tigrayan owned businesses in the capital are closed per police decree without any reason being given. From major hotels to restaurants who have been in business for decades to tiny coffee stalls, bars and import and export businesses.

It was after the Ethiopian army’s major battlefield defeats in late June and the subsequent withdrawal of the ENDF from the capital of Tigray that this round of arrests shifted into higher gear. After a video of the Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr) blaming the people of Tigray for allegedly attacking ENDF with machetes, poisoning the troops and “stabbing our troops in the back” (verbatim) was transmitted on national TV the hate rhetoric on the streets of Addis began to take a different form.

It was immediately followed by indiscriminate arrest of Tigrayan civilians; unlike the round of arrests of previous years which mainly targeted businessmen and civil servants of Tigray origin what makes this round of arrests different is the fact that the police are now detaining anyone who is of Tigray origin regardless of age and socio economic background. Tigayans are getting dragged from their homes, place of business, randomly on the streets. Even deportees who were living illegally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are getting detained immediately upon arrival at the airport and jailed in unknown locations.

The Government of Ethiopia has been calling the TPLF and by extension the people of Tigray, vultures, greedy blood suckers, junta, cancers, insidious weeds, etc. Social media personalities who are closely related to the regime and government officials like Taye Dendea Aredo have also amplified these name callings. Never has the government tried to disassociate itself from the cadre who preach hate on Tigrayans on daily bases. When many in the country started calling anyone of Tigray origin, vultures of the day light Abiy Ahmed and Co. did not try to clarify who they were referring to with that term.
We would like to urge the Ethiopian Government to stop this campaign of hate and allegorical speech which is clearly meant to scold and blame Tigrayans for every ill in the country. The indiscriminate mass arrest with bogus, unfounded, baseless accusations needs to stop immediately. We demand the government of Abiy Ahmed Ali to release all the Tigrayans in the different concentration camps such as Awash Arba, Sheno, Tolay . We would also like to demand due process for all those arrested since 2018 without charge and the disclosing of the whereabouts of Tigrayns who were kidnapped by the security agency from Bole International Airport.

The government needs to stop sabotaging and expropriating Tigrayan owned businesses and we demand it allows the business owners to resume business immediately.

The government of Abiy Ahmed also needs to release all political prisoners and journalists who have been arrested on bogus charges.
We urge the International Community to push the Ethiopian government to halt ethnic profiling and sending Tigrayans to concentration camps. We ask All Ethiopian human rights defenders, political parties and other organizations to denounce mass arrest of civil Tigrayans. We call on the Ethiopian people to oppose the arrest of their fellow citizens.

It is estimated that over one hundred thousand Tigrayans are languishing behind bars and sent to concentration camps.

Here is a sample list of arrested Tigrayans from Adiss Ababa

  1. Tsegazeab Kidanu Berhe ( humanitarian aid coordinator at Fnote Yared civil society)
  2. Amir Nejashi (Real Estate Developer)
  3. Girmay Abraha
  4. Semere Habtu
  5. Miesho ( owner of Semen Ber Hotel at Lam Berete Bus Station)
  6. Filmon Abraha ( released )
  7. Yemane Gebremedhn ( taken from fre coffee house,22)
  8. Gebreziabher Negash
  9. Bokuru Tamene
  10. Shushay mebrahtom
  11. Mulugeta Getaneh
  12. Kibrom Gebremedhn
  13. Tsegay Gidey
  14. Huruy Birhane Gebremeskel
  15. Tesfay Gebru Gebremeskel
  16. Hintsa Gebresilasie Gebregergis
  17. Hagos Assefa Beyene
  18. Gebrehiwot tesfu
  19. Abadi Alemu
  20. Gebreziabher weldegebriel
  21. Yibrah Abraha
  22. Abrahaley Negasi
  23. Kibrom Hailay
  24. Haftom Gebresilasie
  25. Kidane Hailu
  26. Efrem Sibhatu
  27. Gebreyesus Gebretekle
  28. Hailu Hadera
  29. Afewerki ( 0952496825)
  30. Abrahame ( 0923247153)
  31. Gidey Solomon
  32. Tewodros Legese
  33. Abela Zerue
  34. Bilibi Zerue
  35. Shewit Teame
  36. Awet weldegebriel
  37. Tsehaye gebrehiwot
  38. Hailay Girmay
  39. Gidey Hadush
  40. Gereziher Negash
  41. Ataklti ( 0925441784)
  42. Hadush tsegay ( 939038686)
  43. Girmay Welegebriel
  44. Tesfush Haile
  45. Kibrom Hailay
  46. Mahder Abraha
  47. Kibrom Teka
  48. Goitom ( Aka wedi Raya)
  49. Solomon ( Aka wedi Adwa)
  50. Hagos Gebremeskel
  51. Daniel Tuemay
  52. Zenawi Asres
  53. Getachew Ubuy
  54. Aregawi Tesfay
  55. Gebremariam Guesh
  56. Kibrom Tekle
  57. Haile Berhe
  58. Awet Shushay
  59. Semereab Gebre
  60. Zenebe Gidey
  61. Alex Merhawi
  62. Yonas Asmamaw
  63. Wogayehu Hailewold
  64. Medhanye Gebrekidan
  65. Yonas Tadesse
  66. Mebrahtu Berhe
  67. Meles Hagos
  68. Hiluf Kahsay
  69. Birhanu Gesese
  70. Gebrerufael Baraki
  71. Mulu Hagos
  72. Efrem Gebretinsae
  73. Muse Hagos
  74. Muse Tahir
  75. Million Asgedom
  76. Zenawi Ayalew ( released)
  77. Danel Tuemay(released)
  78. Habtom Gebreziabher ( Journalist, released)
  79. Mebrhi Birhane Abraha (Public Prosecutor)
  80. Hayelom Mogos (Public Prosecutor)
  81. Kibrom Berhe ( Polititian, Baytona )
  82. Kibrom Solomon
  83. Fana Negash( Journalist)
  84. Lisane work Desta ( Deacon)
  85. Nubre eid elias Abraha (From Orthodox Church )
  86. Priest Hailesilase Zemariam (From Orthodox Church )
  87. Priest Tigabu Belay
  88. Leul Berhe Desta
  89. Senay Gebretsadkan ( released)
  90. Mikael Weldegebriel
  91. Mulubirhan Gebremariam
  92. Habene Kiros
  93. Teklay siyoum
  94. Mebrahtom Girmay
  95. Teklemariam Gebregiorgis
  96. Hagos Abraha
  97. Gelagay Abraha
  98. Tedros Amare
  99. Getachew Ubuy
  100. Medhanie Gebrekidan
  101. Ataklti Gebresilasie
  102. Amaniel Tadesse
  103. Simon Belete
  104. Alexander Belete
  105. Samiel Kesete
  106. Fitsum Kiros
  107. Girmay redae
  108. Zerihun Shushay
  109. Birhanu Gezehegn
  110. Muzey Baraki

Tigrayans arrested who serve for the Hamere Noh Church at Entoto
1)Abot Hailesilasie W/tinsae
2)Abot Gebretinsae Bire
3)Abot Mussie T/mikael
4)Mergeta yisak Zekarias
5) Hermit Sofanias Yisak Zekarias
6) Deakon T/wold weldeyohans
7) preacher/memhr Tesfamariam Hailemariam
8) Deakon Tekie medhanie
9) Abbot Gebremariam girmay
10) Abbot Yared weldemikael
11) Abbot Kidanemariam Hagos
12) Deakon Fisahatsion Medhanye
13) Mergeta Leakemariam Derbew
14) Deakon Henok kidane
15) Solomon Abebe

3) Tigrayans who were recently repatriated from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia were arrested in Afar when going to rejoin their family in Tigray. In July 19/2021 about 11 (eleven) Buses were traveling to Tigray but stopped by the Ethiopian security forces and were taken to Awash Arba in Afar. Latter they were also taken to southern nations region called Sheno concentration camp. Their safety is unknown. Below are some verified lists from them .

  1. Lemlem Hadush
  2. Tesfay Teka
  3. Mehari Assefa
  4. Abraha Kahsu
  5. Kibrom Gebremariam
  6. Kiflu Teka
  7. Efrem Hishe
  8. Goytom ( escaped)

Businesses are closed. Hotels, Restaurants, shops, import and export businesses are closed indiscriminately. We will organize our report in this area.

Compiled by Concerned Tigrayan Lawyers

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