Tigrayan Diaspora Protests, Demand Free Tigray, Prosecution for Genociders and Accountability in Tigray Leadership

Members of the Tigrayan Diaspora in Europe held a demonstration in Brussels on January 19, 2024. They vehemently demanded the prosecution of those responsible for the genocide committed against the people in Tigray. They called for the Western Zone and parts of Southern Tigray to be freed from the illegal occupation of Amhara forces. They urged the liberation of Irob and other areas subject to Eritrean invasion.

The protesters emphasized the need for all internally displaced persons and Tigrayan refugees worldwide to return to their homes, which should be safe and under Tigray administration. Furthermore, they expressed distress over the impact of weaponized starvation and drought in Tigray, with Tigrayans suffering while the world watches and aid is halted from reaching the region.

In a newly turned development, for the first time examining the internal predicaments of Tigray, members of the diaspora have also called for a comprehensive investigation and charges against individuals involved in the embezzlement of humanitarian aid. Additionally, the demonstrators urged accountability and an audit of funds collected from the diaspora intended for supporting the people in Tigray during the war. Emphasizing their commitment to assisting their people, they underscored that Tigray belongs to all, not just its leaders.

Criminals, whether local or otherwise, should be brought to court instead of holding positions of power; justice for Tigray is paramount, and we stand in solidarity with the people and armed forces; the people of Tigray deserve protectors, not power-hungry factions wasting their time quarrelling, etc. were also part of the voices heard at the gates of the European Parliament in Brussels.