Regional-Wide Protest: IDP Tigrayans Demand Return Home and Withdrawal of Occupying Forces

Internally displaced Tigrayans in various camps and residents of several Tigrayan cities held a peaceful demonstration against the annexation of parts of Tigray by Amhara and Eritrean forces, as well as the illegal settlement of Amharas aiming to alter the region’s demographics, particularly in Western Tigray.

The demonstrators called for the withdrawal of Amhara forces from Western and parts of Southern Tigray and urged the Eritreans to vacate portions of North Western, Eastern, and central Tigray. They demanded that all parties involved in the Pretoria Agreement honor their promises and facilitate their return to their homes before the conclusion of the farming season, allowing them to cultivate their lands in time.

It has been two and a half years since 2.2 million Tigrayans were internally displaced, with nearly 100,000 seeking refuge in Sudan, and countless others experiencing disappearances, killings, and torture at the hands of the invaders—whether in occupied areas, the Amhara region, or Eritrea. Minority groups such as the Kunama and Irob are also among the severely affected.

The demonstration, which took place at the liberated areas of Tigray, also called for additional food aid, medicine, and critical infrastructure, as everything they had was destroyed, looted, and damaged by the combined forces of the Ethiopian National Defense soldiers, Amhara forces, and the Eritrean army.

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