Response to President Biden’s Executive Order and EU’s Move for Action

We, the undersigned opposition parties in Tigray, would like to express our appreciation of President Biden’s executive order, which, we hope will help bring the genocidal Ethiopian state and its cronies to a negotiation table. We also appreciate the EU’s move to take action with the same intent as the US government. Ethiopia’s genocidal war on Tigray has been underway for almost a year now. Despite this, the world has not been able to take any meaningful action to stop it. Though we remain bewildered about this, we believe any action to stop the genocide should begin by recognizing the crime by its proper name. We therefore call up on the international community to recognize the genocide in Tigray and act accordingly.

We are witnessing that initiatives to stop the war in Ethiopia are trying to do so by engaging with the TPLF from Tigray and the genocidal state of Ethiopia and its cronies. The underlying presumption here is that the war is between TPLF and Ethiopia. We strongly oppose this view and would like to state clearly that this war is a war between the genocidal state of Ethiopia and the people of Tigray, a people fighting for survival. Hoping to get a solution for the war in Ethiopia through a negotiation between TPLF (without engaging other Tigrayan political forces) and Ethiopia will be a completely futile attempt. Thus, we request that any initiative for a negotiated peace should involve all political forces in Tigray.

Tigray Independence Party (TIP)

National Congress of Great Tigray (Baytona)

Salsay Weyane Tigray (SaWeT)

One thought on “Response to President Biden’s Executive Order and EU’s Move for Action

  1. The view that the genocidal war perpetrated by 🇪🇹N genocidal regime is between TPLF & the Ethiopian government is erroneous. However, the Tigray people have a democratically elected government in which the TPLF party has majority of the seats & opposition parties to a lesser degree.
    Now, by default, TPLF is the legitimate party to negotiate which opposition parties could be a party.

    I don’t think, this is the time to score point & party politics, it is time to stick together & win the primary enemies once for all!

    An elected government is the legitimately body to deal with the international community including the Ethiopian government, I reckon.

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